Stada TV launches in the North.

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Stada TV attracts top talent as ambitious new TV production company launches in the North. Danny Lacey, Dave Mousley and Jenny Schofield partner up to take on the UK TV scene. 

Stada TV is on the rise: Founded and looked after by CEO Danny Lacey, an up and coming Director turning a few heads in the industry, the company aims to make quality content both in the North and nationally. Danny is joined by Dave Mousley, the owner of BAFTA award winning multi-million pound TV company Red Vision, and Jenny Schofield who was Director of Production for Real Life clocking up over 300 hours of mainstream network programming for all the major broadcasters over a 20 year career.

Though the company is in it’s infancy, the names involved have years of combined experience and industry knowhow, with three productions currently already in development.

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